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Why Smart Home?
Smart Home offers many advantages for its users, but also receives a lot of criticism. The benefits of Smart Home become clear when one takes a close look at the different areas of application. Often it is not primarily a question of which devices one wants to use, but rather what possibilities Smart Home offers. However, the question of what makes sense must always be considered individually and cannot be answered generally.
The Smarthome Kompendium is a good help for this. This subpage is a categorization of the different components. It provides a basis for use within the component finder, which can help you to find the right devices for your smart home in a very easy way. Take the chance for your own home automation and get started today! The Smarthome Kompendium accompanies you on your way and is always available as a helpful tool.
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Find the right lamps for your smart home. Whether white or with bright colors, here you will find what you are looking for.
Socket outlets

Smart sockets can help you save energy. They can usually be operated via an app and disconnect consumers from the power grid.

Thermostats control the temperature in the smart home. They set the radiators to the desired temperature and heat according to your well-being.
Vacuum cleaner robots

Vacuum cleaner robots are the smart helpers in your everyday life, which ensure optimal cleaning in your home.
Voice assistants

Voice assistants help you with the daily control and use of your smart home. With them you can trigger actions or request current data.

You care about security? Then you need to know these components that secure your home against everyday dangers.

In the climate section you will find all the components that keep an eye on your indoor climate for you.

You like entertainment? These components will keep your smart home entertained.

Energy management is important for you? Here are components listed that will help you monitor and control your energy consumption.

Not only your home, but also your environment do you want to keep an eye on? Then these gadgets will help you.

All headquarters of manufacturers listed in the Smarthome Compendium. Each center serves its own purpose.
Smart Garden

A smart garden gives your home the perfect finishing touch for the summer. So you have everything under control, even when you're on vacation.
Smart Home possibilities
The different functional areas make one thing very clear: Smart Home offers many possibilities. These possibilities are achieved through countless components, which in turn are built by different manufacturers. But different functions with countless possibilities also mean that it is difficult for the user to find the right one for him or herself.
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This circumstance makes it very difficult, especially for beginners, to make their own home smart. Many bloggers, YouTubers and manufacturers are already trying to eliminate this circumstance, but cannot provide the kind of transparency that is necessary. The Smarthome Kompendium was created for exactly this reason and is designed to help provide information for beginners and advanced users.
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