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What is Smart Home?
Many manufacturers equate a smart home with controlling technology via an app. However, many users and manufacturers forget that a smart home cannot be achieved by controlling technology via an app alone. Smart means that devices can talk to each other in order to increase the comfort, security and well-being of the house inhabitants. A smart home - or home automation - is therefore made up of a multitude of components that are very difficult to keep track of.
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How can the Smarthome Compendium help?
This difficulty makes it very difficult, especially for beginners, to find the right equipment. But also advanced smart home enthusiasts are always looking for improvements and have to put up with long internet searches. The Smarthome Compendium is intended to help by sorting the components on the market in an orderly fashion and presenting them clearly for the user. For this reason, the Smarthome Compendium enables the user to filter components by function and to find suitable extensions for his existing home automation system.
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Background to this project
It all began with the blog Hobbyblogging, which deals with the topics of smart home and technology. Here you will find a wide variety of posts that shed light on the subject of home automation and provide background information on this topic. Over time, however, one has to realize that a blog is a good help, but is not suitable for a clear presentation of different devices. Readers want a quick and easy way to bring the different components into a meaningful harmony. However, this can only be achieved with an elaborate search and a lot of personal initiative, which is often difficult, especially when it comes to the topic of smart home. Because the technology and possibilities are almost infinite.
The Smarthome Compendium aims to solve this problem by - as already mentioned - linking the components in a meaningful way and providing further information. The goal is to avoid long researches. For this purpose, the components are subdivided by manufacturers and provided with a transmission standard. As a user, you have the possibility to filter quickly and to select those components that are needed for your own project. By being able to rate components as a registered user, you can quickly tell other visitors your own opinion without stepping on the manufacturer's toes. Because the evaluation is completely anonymous. But you can not only pass something on as a normal user. Also Blogger have the possibility of attaching their contributions to a component and so the user and the user very specific information to pass on. So when you call up a component, you can access more information and thus directly view the linked posts and navigate to the respective blog post.
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Interested Bloggers can peg as registered user or registered user their contributions to one of the existing components. This means that visitors can directly access your posts without much detour and get their information from you. Each entry is free of charge and helps interested parties to make a decision. Together we can create a better understanding of the smart home. We do not require a minimum size for your blog. We just make sure that your content complies with our guidelines. This means that you comply with applicable law and that your content does not contain hate speech or similar.
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As YouTuber you are an important part of the smart community. Your content is often very popular, because a video is often more interesting than just text. You can link your uploaded videos with existing components, which allows visitors to become aware of the video and get their information directly from you. This often makes it easier for them to choose a suitable device, as they can already familiarize themselves with it. In the area of links, we have created a special type of video for this purpose, which allows visitors to see directly that this is a visual source.
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Are you interested in the different areas you can make smart? Then you are absolutely right in this area. Here you will find different areas of the smart home and can find the right component for your project.

In the components area you will always see a component at the beginning. Based on this component, you can click your way through the system to discover more components for your smart home.

If you are interested in the different manufacturers, this section is made for you. You will get an overview of the different manufacturers and can choose one of them to learn more about its components.
Transmission standards

Different transmission standards are also very important for the smart home. Here you will find a list of different standards and you can view the components that are suitable for each standard.
Smart news

Are you looking for news in the field of Smart Home? Then take a look at the news. There you'll find the latest articles from many blogs and YouTube channels that deal with the topic of smart home.
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The Smarthome Compendium project has been online since mid-2020 and has been growing since day one. However, as you can imagine, it is not easy to achieve a certain reach on the internet. While the goal of the project is not to achieve the greatest possible reach, you need to build a certain amount of traffic so that this project can help other people in their search. For this reason, here are some good tips on how you can support the Smarthome Compendium. The support is free of charge for you and does not require much effort from your side.
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If you like the project and the idea behind it, you can easily support the Smarthome Compendium by telling your friends and acquaintances about this project and the site. A recommendation by a good friend is also very important in our modern times and usually means more than just a trivial advertising campaign. It is also helpful if you share the site in your social networks or even set a backlink to this page. Of course, you are free to choose whether you want to do this or not and it is also completely okay if you refuse this form of support.
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